VDP-Audio’s hand-made speaker cable ‘Ludo’ is our solution for customers who are looking for a true high-end product.
After a long process in searching for best materials and techniques, we ended with a new approach, which results in minimizing skin effect and proximity effect, and optimizes EM-field disturbances.
Each cable wire is a braided combination of 6 silk insulated wires. Each wire consists of a high amount very thin oxygen free copper strands (OFC), all individually completely separated and insulated from each other. Also, each strand is internally rotated.
Lastly, the six bundles of wires are covered in silk.
It uniquely results in a remarkable speaker-cable which offers exceptional resolution and dynamics.
Technical specifications :
- Standard lengths in 2,5 and 3 mtr. Other lengths will be made on request.
Max. length is 8 mtr. Jumpers are standard 20cm.
- Available with spades or jacks on both ends, or mixed.
Connector materials : Bodies : Copper. Plating : Direct plated with gold or rhodium, without nickel layer in between.
- Wire density per cable : 1440 x 0,1 mm (mono)