Characteristics and sound properties

The Riga is a bass reflex speaker with Eminence drivers. An Eminence Beta 10 CX and an APT50 are being used forming a coax driver.
The Eminence driver is actually a PA driver having an efficiency that is rather high compared to standard hi-fi speakers.
"The first thing we noticed in our listening room was the exceptional sound clarity of this coax speaker. Despite the somewhat non-linear frequency response, nothing was missing. Bass was particularly dynamic, fast and tight, as was to be expected from a good paper diaphragm driver. Bass and midrange are an excellent foundation for all sorts of nuances; especially vocals are magnificent, without any colouration. The high frequencies can be adjusted by angling the speakers. Pointed towards the listener the high frequencies might be somewhat emphasised, slight off-axis they are spot-on, but that's obviously a matter of taste. The dynamics of this reasonably priced driver are impressive. The speaker is ideally suited for both, low volumes as well as at volumes where the neighbour might be calling the police. The Riga always remains in absolute control. Time and again it's exciting, but not surprising for the connoisseur, to experience the exceptional three-dimensionality of a good coax speaker. Stage width and depth of the Eminence floorstander are extraordinary. Especially, realistic recording sessions like in auditoriums are reproduced accurately, picturing the musicians and the concert hall in your mind's eye. "

Technical data

Nominal impedance Z8 Ohm
Frequency response (-10 dB)32–20000 Hz
Sound pressure level 91 dB (1 W/1 m)
Crossover frequency2100 Hz
Height1200 mm
Width400 mm
Depth246 mm