Solo 15

Characteristics and sound properties

After the release of our new high end broadband B 100 - 6 ohms, it was only a matter of time until our SOLO series would also get new blood. SOLO 15 is the name of the new offspring and is visually reminiscent of the big role models with the B 200 - 6 ohms.
However, in this construction proposal, a suitably designed foot is included directly in order to raise the loudspeaker to the correct listening position. This has no influence on the acoustics and can therefore be adjusted in length according to the circumstances at home.
In principle, the SOLO 15 is very well suited for people in whom the maximum volume plays a rather minor role, but an unusually high level of sound is to be achieved. A 10 cm speaker is just not able to produce such large sound pressure levels almost unfiltered. That does not mean, however, that the SOLO 15 sounds weak. On the contrary, she is remarkably mature and extremely impressive and accurate for her size.
Tonally, the SOLO 15 was tuned with a slight treble increase. In the case of broad bands, this is generally the case in order to optimize the bundling, which increases greatly to high frequencies. Precisely geared to the listening position, the SOLO 15 convinces with a very clear and fine sound. Slightly turned outward, the high-pitch range can be reduced, making the sound more warm.
Thanks to the point sound source, the location of the individual components of a piece of music in the optimal stereo triangle is razor-sharp and amazingly precise. The reference-suspected extremely low mechanical losses of the B 100 - 6 ohms provide for an enemy dynamics that is unparalleled. The SOLO 15 not only complements our SOLO series, but also expands it in terms of resolution and accuracy.

Technical data

Rated power  30 W
Maximum power60 W
Nominal impedance Z8 Ohm
Frequency response (-10 dB)48–20000 Hz
Sound pressure level 82 dB (1 W/1 m)
Enclosure typeBass reflex
Net volume15 l
Height1050 mm
Width200 mm
Depth300 mm