Solo 50

Characteristics and sound properties

The SOLO 50 applies the SOLO 100 concept to a more compact cabinet. This makes the units suitable for smaller rooms where the larger version would be too physically overpowering or the bass too powerful.
With a net volume of 50 litres, it is essential to have an internal resonance absorber as with the SOLO 100 owing to the Q-factor of the B 200 - 6 Ohm. This can also be used to fine-tune the bass reflex. The lower limiting frequency is not as low as with the SOLO 100 but is certainly sufficient for small to medium-sized rooms. The absorber must be carefully damped again.
The correcting circuitry is designed by analogy to the SOLO 100. If you replace the 15 ohm resistance with a 22 ohm, the increase in high-frequency frequency response will be eliminated and the result as measured in the measuring room was a well-balanced spectrum. Listening tests showed, however, that, as a result of the beaming effect of this wide-range speaker, a slight increase is beneficial in most listening environments.

Technical data

Rated power  40 W
Maximum power70 W
Nominal impedance Z6 Ohm
Frequency response (-10 dB)42–20000 Hz
Sound pressure level 88 dB (1 W/1 m)
Enclosure typeBass reflex
Net volume50 l
Height900 mm
Width260 mm
Depth300 mm