Studio 2

Characteristics and sound properties

When development on the STUDIO 2 started, there were key questions posed: is it possible to improve on a 2-band shelf-top speaker and is a new version necessary in the first place? To be clear from the start: the answer to both questions is "yes".
The introduction of waveguide technology made it possible to optimise acoustic characteristics not only along the axis, but also to perfect the lateral radiation pattern. This enhancement has been implemented here.
The STUDIO 2 speaker brings together the two high-end AL 130 – 8 Ohm and G 25 FFL – 8 Ohm drivers in a harmonious marriage, in the same way as in the larger sister, the STUDIO 1. This combination of a 13-cm mid-bass unit and a 25-mm tweeter has already proved its worth in that speaker.
The tweeter is also supported by a waveguide in the STUDIO 2, the WG 148 R. This round version of the waveguide WG 220x150 has exactly the same acoustic characteristics and ensures optimised beaming between the G 25 FFL – 8 Ohm dome tweeter, which normally radiates its output quite noticeably and the AL 130 – 8 Ohm mid-bass unit, which tends to bundle its output more around the higher frequencies. In this way, the result is a completely homogeneous, seamless whole, characterised by uniform focus.
The drivers, all tuned to be as lossless as possible, ensure accurate, finely resolved sound quality, which rounds off the holistic character of the speaker.
As a result of these finely balanced acoustic characteristics, the STUDIO 2 is well suited to use as a monitor in sound studios, which is why it was given that name during the development stage. As is usual for loudspeakers of this genre, sound reproduction has been kept as neutral as possible so as not to taint the sound recording.
As well as these professional applications, the speaker can equally well be used for normal stereo or multi-channel systems. If used in connection with a home theatre system, we recommend configuring the loudspeakers as "small" in the receiver set-up. This will filter out the really deep frequencies, which will enable the STUDIO 2 to generate unbelievable sound pressure levels. Despite the compact dimensions, if these speakers are supported by a subwoofer, even much larger systems can be elbowed aside.
So the STUDIO 2 is not merely a small-format 2-band shelf-top speaker, it is a small, universally talented speaker with a sound quality you simply would not expect.

Technical data

Rated power  60 W
Maximum power90 W
Nominal impedance Z8 Ohm
Frequency response (-10 dB)50–20000 Hz
Sound pressure level 82 dB (1 W/1 m)
Crossover frequency1700 Hz
Enclosure typeClosed
Net volume8.2 l
Height336 mm
Width176 mm
Depth223 mm