SUB W 130 X

Characteristics and sound properties

The SUB W 130 X was developed as a support in the bass range for small and medium systems. Decisive here was to ensure the greatest possible compactness and at the same time the best possible draft. This is only possible with loudspeakers with optimized parameters. The W 130 X - 2 x 4 Ohm is perfect for this, so that with only 7.5 l an amazing bass performance can be reproduced.
Thanks to the very compact dimensions of 200 x 170 x 320 mm, the subwoofer can be hidden almost anywhere in the room and thus completes one or the other system with bass weakness. A simple help for the best possible positioning of the subwoofer in the room (without measuring equipment) can be taken from the following link.
The application options range from PC speakers to simple stereo systems (including ceiling speakers for pleasant background sound) and compact surround systems.
For a Soundbar kit, the SUB W 130 X is an ideal partner.
Normally, the subwoofer is simply connected to the amplifier output parallel to the existing system (Attention: pay attention to the connection impedance of the amplifier as well as the impedance of the other speakers!). But if you still want to get a little more out of it, should grab a separate amplifier module (also called active module). Thus, the best possible connection to the existing system can take place and your own taste can be set individually. The two crossovers can of course be omitted for this measure and are not needed thanks to integrated variable filters of the active module.

Technical data

Rated power  60 W
Maximum power90 W
Nominal impedance Z2x4 Ohm
Frequency response (-10 dB)27-350 Hz
Sound pressure level 79 dB (1 W/1 m)
Enclosure typeBass reflex
Net volume7,5 l
Height200 mm
Width170 mm
Depth320 mm