Characteristics and sound properties

The subwoofer TL-SUB 30 is suitable for highly accurate soundreproduction of the deepest bass in the subsonic zone. If you are prepared and able to give up about half a cubic metre of sitting-room space and are even thinking of rearranging the furniture, the TL-SUB 30with its ultra-low bass is just what you are looking for. One thing has to be said right from the start: the bass churned out by this system at the lowest octave level is by no means the thumping disco bass that hits you right in the stomach, but is, on the contrary, as smooth as cream. It is not locatable in the room and is felt as a sort of air movement that makes your trouser legs move. The ultra-low bass give you a fascinating feeling of being there live - provided, of course, the software has the channel programmed into it.
As regards the speaker construction, we have a double transmission line equipped with two a TIW 300 - 8 Ohm. By not damping the cabinets, tremendous efficiency has been achieved, which, if the speakers are positioned in the corners, will attain levels of 114 dB at 20 Hz and a maximum sound pressure of 121 dB from 30 Hz. The output level is restricted by the mechanical construction of the speakers, to prevent the mechanical load from exceeding 200 W. We recommend combining the system with an active subwoofer module with a cut-off frequency of 50 Hz and, preferably with a subsonic filter in the pre-amp to protect the loudspeakers against mechanical overloading below 15 Hz.
This definitive lowest-range subwoofer is also suitable for supplementing larger home video applications for large rooms and small cinemas. The subwoofer can equally well be positioned upright in a corner of the room or lying in front of a wall of the room. It might be said that the reproduction of that last octave of bass sound is something of a luxury, considering the expense, but real music and home video aficionados will welcome the uncompromising approach of this system. The TL-SUB 30 generates "deep black" bass that will set the house rocking on its foundations and turns films that use this technology into unforgettable experiences.

Technical data

Rated power  200 W
Nominal impedance Z4 Ohm
Frequency response (-10 dB)18-75 Hz
Sound pressure level 89 dB (1 W/1 m)
Enclosure typedual transmission-line
Net volume300 + 100 l
Height2150 mm
Width562 mm
Depth562 mm