Tube Amplifier 300B

Design concept :
300B SE - Constant Current Regulated - DC Coupled - Single Ended - Transformer Stage.
This is the first and only single ended tube amplifier available that is driven in push-pull mode, combining the beauty and musicality of SE, with the dynamics of PP.
Power tubes : 300B. Driver and pre amp tubes : 6n6p
Special feature : Optimal full auto-adjustment to all different 300B tubes, including XLS and meshplate versions.
We use a standard 300B from JJ. This is a very musical tube, sounds very clear and has a good tonal balance.
Built-in DAC : Cirrus Logic CS4398 (24bit-192kHz) directly coupled to the 6n6p, without op-amps in between.
Inputs: SPDIF & USB, 4x analog (100Ω / relay switched)
Output : 2x8W at 4-8Ω (a small remote control for volume adjustment will be provided)
SE-amps without feedback system can give best results on horn loudspeakers.
Due to its special design, this specific amplifier will give an excellent performance in combination with horn loudspeakers.
However, also with other loudspeaker systems this amp will give amazing results. The minimum required efficiency must be about 90dB at 1 mtr or more.
If the speakers have a flat impedance and are self-damping, there will be optimal co-operation with our amplifier.
A loudspeaker especially designed for this amplifier is our ‘George’.
‘George’ is a loudspeaker with a full range driver, provides complete self-damping and has a flat impedance curve.
The photo above is of our prototype. All amplifiers are built to order. The final cabinet will be made of walnut wood.